All about Delta 10 THC – A Guide to the Newest Cannabinoid

 Delta 10 THC

Article by Dr. Benny's

One of the most well-loved and mysterious cannabinoids in the cannabis community is Delta-10 THC. People have been using Delta-9 for centuries but the discovery of an isomer delta-10 is recent which has started to capture the attention of both users and the research community.

Delta-10 is ironically different and has a unique chemical structure. In contrast to other buzz worthy cannabinoids, Delta-10 is less potent. Its psychotropic effects are enjoyable by the users. Delta-10 is cracking the top 10 positions among other popular cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

Like other delta products, delta-10 can be produced from both hemp & cannabis plants. There are plenty of markets that supply delta-10 to the consumers. Like other cannabinoids, we can find delta-10 products in the form of:

  • Delta-10 oil 
  • Delta-10 gummies 
  • Delta-10 capsules 
  • Delta-10 vapes & more

What Is Delta-10 THC?

Delta-10 THC is one of over a hundred cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. However, unlike  other cannabinoids, it is present in small traces. Delta-10 tetrahydrocannabinol contains the same psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with other cannabinoids. Delta 10 is extracted in its natural state by chromatography methods that require lots of plant  material. Also, it is psychoactive and more subtle than delta-9. 

Additionally, the delta-10 has anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, and appetite-stimulating properties.

How is Delta-10 Different from Delta-8 & Delta-9?

Difference between Delta 8/9 & Delta 10

The delta part of the cannabinoid name refers to the double bond. In delta-8, the double bond is at the 8th carbon number, while in delta-9, the double bond is at 9th. Similarly, delta 10 THC contains a double bond at carbon number 10.

The thing that boils down to is that double and single bonds interact differently with the  Endocannabinoid system. That’s why all the Delta Effex products are labeled accordingly.

Another main difference is that delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 are legal in some states and illegal in some other states. Delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC are legal in 38 states of the US. However, delta-9 THC is federally illegal in most states.

How does Delta-10 THC affect the Body?

Delta-10 THC interacts with our endocannabinoid systems, similar to other cannabinoids. Both delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC have affinities to bind with CB1 receptors in the central  nervous system. In the same manner, delta-10 THC interacts with CB1 receptors in the brain.

Users consume delta-10 THC due to its psychoactive effects and less potent properties. It may produce less buzz than delta-8.

Before consuming delta-10 THC, make sure to know the following criteria:

  • Always speak with your doctor. 
  • Your age must be above 21 years. 
  • Don’t use it; if you're pregnant. 
  • Delta-10 THC may result in increased blood pressure.

However, like other cannabinoids, delta-10 THC has no adverse effects and is safe to use.

Like its cousin delta-8, it interacts with our endocannabinoid system and binds CB1 & CB2  receptors of the brain. The delta-10 may produce entourage effects when combined with other cannabinoids like flavonoids and terpenes.

Can Delta-10 THC get you high like Delta-8 and Delta-9?

Delta-10 THC can get you high, but not like other delta cannabinoids. Delta-9 has more  intense effects on the user's memory and perception. However, a delta-8 consumer can face  a mild level of appetite stimulation and relaxation. On the other hand, delta-10 THC has low  psychoactive effects.

The effects of delta-10 THC are comparable to Sativa, while those of delta-8 THC with  Indica. Also, a person can get alertness and energy by using delta-10 in the daytime. Delta 10 THC may give the potential psychoactive benefits without any downside caused by other delta isomers. Also, it may offer euphoria and increased focus without paranoia.

Generally, delta-10 THC shares its most properties with delta-8 THC. The delta-8 aid sleep,  and the delta-10 THC can make you more energetic and creative.

Delta-10 THC & Delta-8 THC have:

  • Psychoactive effects 
  • Both are extracted from hemp. 
  • Both are legal. 
  • Also, enhance entourage effects.

Is Delta-10 THC Safe?

A general answer to its safety would be yes. However, it is crucial to be more specific when  talking about delta-10 THC. Another more essential parameter is the third-party laboratory test. Third-party testing is necessary because delta-10 THC is not a natural cannabinoid; it is extracted through chromatography and other methods from the cannabis plant material. Some manufacturers may use high chemicals for extractions.

Delta-10 THC made with inappropriate supervision and knowledge may contain pollutants and residual solvents. A person inhaling these worse compounds may get intoxicated and sick.

Overall, delta-10 THC is safe and effective. Before consuming this, make sure to verify it's ingredients and third-party lab test.

What Type of Delta-10 THC Products Are Available?

At the time, it is hard to find too many products of delta-10 THC. However, a few premium brands and companies have come up with a few delta-10 products, and some are planning to launch delta-10 products. After this, you can consume delta-10 THC in a variety of products, including:

Woman enjoying Delta 10 gummies

  • Disposable pens 
  • Vape cartridges 
  • Gummies 
  • Tinctures 
  • Dabbing syringe 
  • Shatters 
  • Chocolate bars

High Delta-10 THC Strains:

As we mentioned before, delta-10 THC is not a natural cannabinoid. Because of this reason, you cannot find its strain in the market. The only way to obtain this mysterious cannabinoid is high research and specific processes. 

Is Delta-10 THC Legal?

To date, all the delta-10 THC products are hemp-derived. The hemp-derived product is legal  in various states of the US. According to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, cannabis containing less than 0.3% delta-10 THC is legal. Also, it is legal for all intents and purposes.

However, the cannabis community is learning continually about cannabis. Delta-10 THC is a newly discovered THC that has gained popularity due to its properties and effects.

As this cannabinoid is new and there is a long road to discover its potential benefits and effects on human well-being. Although it is an isomer of delta products, it still takes some time to regulate this substance's proper laws. So, there are some grey areas for these substances as it is still illegal on the federal level.

If you are interested in taking this youngest and fast-growing cannabinoid, you may start from a relatively low dose. Also, it is recommended to keep an eye on your state law regarding the legality of delta-10 THC to avoid possible harm.